Monthly Archives: July 2015

The importance of good web design

Online marketing is really about enabling you to connect with people, rather crassly called 'traffic' within the electronic media community. Good website design is then, the key to encouraging more traffic to visit you, electronically speaking. Your website is therefore, the vehicle by which people will choose to either engage with you and your products or services or click the 'back' button and go to your competition. You probably only have one shot at this so being the best can [...]

How to Improve your website

No matter what your marketing goals are, it goes without saying that having your own 'well designed' website is wise. Any professional without a website that is significant might as well be invisible. Obviously, you don't want to place just any mundane domain on the Internet. There are websites with too much text, missing elements, too little visuals, no vital samples, and the like. Unfortunately, there are some sites that may follow every rule in the book and still [...]