5 Proof Elements You Can Add To Your Site To Enhance Your Business’s Online Credibility

Came across this great article the other day from our good friends over at Quantum Linx, who handle the SEO and Online marketing for all of our clients. Definitely worth a read.   When you build your website you think about elements such as visual appeal, richness of content and user-friendliness. But, do you think of these in terms of the trustworthiness and reliance they must inspire? Because your website allows your potential customers to catch a glimpse of who you are [...]

5 Vital Considerations When Choosing Your Web Hosting Service

Let’s say your small business has an amazing product, your sales and customer service teams are exemplary, and you have powerful marketing that drives customers to your website. Despite all that, without a reliable web host to deliver a stellar online retail experience, people are just a click away from supporting your competitors. Even major corporations aren’t immune to challenging website issues. As CNBC reports, during Cyber Monday in 2015, Target’s website crashed, resulting in not only loss of [...]

Template websites – why not?

If you have ever looked at the templates available at some web hosting sites, you know that a basic website can be made easily by anyone. You can have a homepage with information about your services, several pages of details, and a contact page within a short time. Visitors will be able to find you on the web if they search for your name. That's Great... but... how do they feel when they get there? Does you site show [...]

The importance of good web design

Online marketing is really about enabling you to connect with people, rather crassly called 'traffic' within the electronic media community. Good website design is then, the key to encouraging more traffic to visit you, electronically speaking. Your website is therefore, the vehicle by which people will choose to either engage with you and your products or services or click the 'back' button and go to your competition. You probably only have one shot at this so being the best can [...]

How to Improve your website

No matter what your marketing goals are, it goes without saying that having your own 'well designed' website is wise. Any professional without a website that is significant might as well be invisible. Obviously, you don't want to place just any mundane domain on the Internet. There are websites with too much text, missing elements, too little visuals, no vital samples, and the like. Unfortunately, there are some sites that may follow every rule in the book and still [...]