Australia’s largest health food co-op wanting to build a website portal that could deliver on the unique requirements of each store.

GoVita Health Food Stores is Australia's largest health food co-op. The head of marketing for the group approached our company to re-develop the website which was both out of date and quite prone to errors and unexpected breakage. Beyond a comprehensive blog, page content, article directories and recipes tools the platform needed to have a complex search engine optimised store directory and location system with users geo-location capabilities in built. Alongside the technical challenges and evolution of the brand through updated design we needed to deliver a solution which required the input, approval and acceptance of 150+ individual store owners.

The solution

Given the most detailed and complex component of the project was a platform with 150+ store pages and associated control systems, this feature was the first to be developed. We built a dynamic store search tool (powered by google maps) with page generation system, along with an inbuilt geo-location system to allow for location based store search. The dynamic home page and web page management system allowed for the regular update of content in alignment with marketing catalogue's created assets and release schedule. We also developed a platform allowing key contributors to access and upload recipes, articles and page content, with content restriction and approval controls.

View the result:

Digital Strategy

Graphic Design

Web Development

Custom Development

Digital Support and Growth

Web Hosting

01. Homepage

02. Custom Store Locator System

03. Health food recipe catalogue

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