ASX Listed Financial Services company needing 8 web portal's for unique market segments

Sequoia Financial Group were experiencing rapid growth and expansion of their corporation. Their business, whilst operating under 1 umbrella were running a diverse set of business units such as software trading platforms, Superannuation, Funds Management, Wealth Management and specialist investment opportunities to name a few. With the merger with a listed company on the near horizon, we were approached, given our expertise and speciality in being able to align and structure a core brand and brand message over multiple micro-sites.

The solution

Though our teams experience and expertise in working with large organisations we were able to seamlessly work with the groups multiple business units and stakeholders to achieve an outstanding result for the organisation. We conceptualised and created a Wordpress platform capable of handling the 8 domains and created custom systems to enable the delivery of key financial data regularly to website users. We continue the delivery of their business goals with our teams deep integration over the entire organisation providing daily digital growth support and digital consultancy.

Digital Strategy

Graphic Design

Web Development

Custom Development

Digital Support and Growth

Server Management

01. Homepage

02. Custom Stock Reporting System

03. Integration with existing financial platforms

Are you a financial services company experiencing rapid growth and wanting a website which not only a provides you greater exposure but is also a critical communication and information delivery system to investors and customers.

If you would like to understand how we can work closely with you to develop a platform that achieves and excels, please get in touch and we will be happy to chat with you.