Re-positioning and Profile building website for a property development company in Sydney.

White Gorilla Developments is a property project management service for people who want to be property developers & investors, finding development sites in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. We were approached to help in the positioning of White Gorilla as an approachable, professional property development company whose goal is to provide “sound” property development solutions, which provide real returns to investors.

The solution

Our objective was to look at the positioning of White Gorilla and what made them unique and special and ensure the website delivered this message. Through our process we discovered Neal was currently the face of the company and had a very strong reputation in the industry. They had an amazing client journey which provided fantastic visibility through development and outstanding investment return. We cleverly leveraged this reputation in rich media in the form of marketing messages, imagery and video. We worked closely with their team on the communication of the White Gorilla customer journey in a simple, visual flowchart form. The end result was a website that positioned White Gorilla as the experts in their market and has provided significant growth and sales opportunities for the business.

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