Now that you have your squeeze written you need to get people to see it. There are lots of different ways to do this and some marketers actually refer to this as creating entry points. Your goal is to provide various gateways that people can enter your squeeze page.

Some of the most common ways of doing this are:

  • Writing a Press Release
  • Writing articles and adding your squeeze page link in the resource box
  • Posting the link in your social media accounts
  • Blogging about it
  • Reviews
  • Forum Posts

All of the above really work well in generating views to your pages. Connecting with someone who has an authority site in your niche and then getting them to review your offer can really work wonders. A good review from a respected site can potentially generate thousands of views.

Think about it in this way. When you like something what is your immediate reaction? You start telling friends, family and neighbours about it and this generates more interest in the product.

Your next step now is to make time each day and post some content about your offer. This could entail writing one or two articles and submitting them to article directories. Or making a few blog posts and scheduling them to be published on your blog.

If you do some of the above generation methods on a consist basis you will see your traffic and sign up rates increasing. If you use Google Analytics to track where your results are coming from you will know which tactics work the best. Then all that is left is to put more effort into what is working for you.

If you have a marketing budget you may wish to consider purchasing a solo ad to generate views to your squeeze page. There are thousands of ezines which have lots of members and often offer ads which are a buy one get one free type of deal.

Don’t forget to make use of Twitter and post your link to your squeeze page here along with some useful tips. It wouldn’t hurt to tweet your bullet points either. Facebook is another good option and here you can publish a longer post regarding your offer.

Other social sites that have the potential of creating hundreds of views are sites like Stumble Upon, Digg and don’t forget about utilising YouTube. Make a quick video about your free gift and include the link to your squeeze page directly underneath the video.

If you are a member of any forums that pertain to your niche you may be allowed to post the link in your signature file. Again depending upon the form this method can generate tons of views back to your squeeze page.

You should have plenty of ideas on how to create your own entry points to your landing or squeeze page. Remember it is a smart move to create at least two pages with different headings and formats so you can test which one produces the best results.