Agile Practices & Agile Tools

Maintaining transparency, demonstrating progress and deliver functionality incrementally on time.

Spring’s development methodology is firmly based in scrum techniques. Nevertheless, Spring takes a practical approach and has adapted it’s approach to align with best practices for a consulting company delivering quality software to our clients.

The overarching goal of our process is to maintain transparency, demonstrate progress, deliver functionality incrementally, adapt quickly to changing conditions and manage quality, to ultimately deliver the envisioned product.

Rigorous application of agile helps maintain focus and discipline in geographically dispersed agile teams. Our experience has proven that full participation and communication with all team members in English across the various locations is a key attribute to our success.

Daily Stand-Up: 15 minute daily scrum attended by the project team and client Product Owner, to better team communication and identify issues

Sprint Planning: A 1-2 hour session at the beginning of a sprint where the project team and client Product Owner plan the goals of the upcoming sprint

Sprint Demo: A 1 hour demonstration of working software by the project team to client stakeholders at the end of the sprint to elicit stakeholder feedback

Sprint Retrospective: A 15 minute sprint review of benefits and failings to enable process improvement

Backlog Grooming: A weekly 1 hour backlog maintenance session for key team members (business analyst, UX designer, scrum master, tech lead, and client Product Owner) to review and manage the backlog

The team is provided with the necessary tools and technologies to implement consistently effective agile deliveries.

Distributed agile teams must take advantage of the full spectrum of tools, from web-based agile tracking tools like JIRA, to collaboration platforms like Confluence, to powerful and accessible voice and video conferencing systems in order to maintain the cohesion and focus that are the necessary conditions of high-quality output.