Looking for a centralised intranet or onlineportal to bring all your information, tools,and services into one place?

At Spring, we understand the challenges organisations face when itcomes to navigating multiple systems, high license costs, and theproductivity drain caused by information scattered across multiplesystems and formats. Our solutions address these issues head on,providing a centralised platform that delivers employees, customersand suppliers with standardised and accurate information theyneed whenever they need it.

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What is an enterprise portal or intranet solution?

Think of your intranet or portal as your digital command centre.

It brings together all the information, tools, and services you need in one place. It acts as a personalised website tailored to your specific needs, providing quick and easy access to relevant resources.

By consolidating data from multiple sources, it saves you and your teams time and effort accessing anything from a quick links, important business forms, 3rd party systems all the way to your standard operating procedures. It streamlines your experience, increases efficiency, and boosts productivity by eliminating the need to search through PDF’s, file systems, and the multitude of systems you use every day to run your business.

Within it, you can also interact with colleagues, partners, and clients seamlessly. You can share documents and collaborate on projects, all from one central location. You can streamline your workflow, enhance teamwork, and regain control over your digital ecosystem.

How it can help your business

The sky is really the limit here. It can be anything you need it to be.

Dashboards that employee’s log into every day to access what they need to do their jobs.

A place to unify the distribution of company wide documents, files and materials

A quick way for staff to access to important links, forms and resources needed every day

Ensure you are delivering consistent high quality service through knowledge hubs and standard operating procedures

Integrate with existing systems for a one stop starting place for all your company systems

A great place to provide education, training, learning and courses to your teams.

Distribute announcements, news and events all in one place

Standarise the way your business runs by distribution of knoledge hubs and standard operating procedures

Learn how customising a portal or intranet can help you grow


If it’s time to look at a new approach that fits both your business needs and growth plans, we can help. Creating a solutions customised to your needs is a great option for growing businesses. In this video, we’ll delve into common problems faced by businesses just like you, such as increasing efficiency, improving productivity and managing growth. Enjoy.

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Some ideas for your portal or intranet

Creative ideas and practical solutions to overcome everyday challenges.

Quick links to frequently accessed applications and tools

Streamline your companies productivity and save time by providing instant access to essential applications, links and tools, enabling your employees to work efficiently and effectively.

Employee directories and contact information

Enhance collaboration and communication by facilitating easy access to employee directories and contact information, fostering stronger connections and promoting teamwork.

News and company announcements

Keep employees informed & engaged with up-to-date news &company announcements, ensuring alignment with the latest information, fostering a sense of transparency & unity.

Centralised document management system

Improve document organisation and retrieval, reduce duplication, and enhance collaboration by centralising all company documents in one easily accessible location.

Knowledge base or wiki for sharing information

Empower employees to find information independently by providing a comprehensive knowledge base, increasing efficiency and reducing dependency on others.

Forms and templates for common business processes

Simplify and standardise routine business processes by providing readily available forms and templates, streamlining workflows, and minimising errors and inconsistencies.

Training materials and helpful resources

Support employee development and growth by offering easy access to training materials and resources, enabling continuous learning, and enhancing individual and team performance.

Easily accessible company policies and procedures

Ensure compliance and consistency across the organisation by making company policies and procedures easily accessible to all employees, reducing confusion, and promoting a cohesive and compliant work environment.

Task and project management tools

Improve project and task coordination, increase transparency, and enhance productivity by providing dedicated task and project management tools, enabling efficient collaboration and effective project execution.

Employee self-service functionality (e.g. leave requests, expense claims)

Empower employees to manage their own administrative tasks conveniently and efficiently, such as submitting leave requests and expense claims, promoting autonomy, and reducing administrative overhead.

Integration with third-party systems and applications

Maximise your organisations efficiency and productivity by seamlessly integrating with external systems and applications, streamlining workflows, eliminating manual data entry, and enabling smooth data exchange between platforms.

Personalised dashboards for individual preferences

Enhance user experience and productivity by allowing employees to customise their dashboards
according to their preferences, enabling quick access to relevant information and tools, and improving overall efficiency and satisfaction.


How we helped CareerHQ deliver their interactive course to students, teachers, organisations and CareerHQ administrators.


Standard off the shelf solutions came up short in being able to have an multi stakeholder solution. Students, teachers and administrators needed to manage the student learning and course experience in a uniform and efficient way. Personalised dashboards, and PDF reporting were needed to solve the data collection and analysis needs of the system.


A seamless and efficient platform for students, teachers, and administrators to manage the student learning and course experience in a uniform manner. With personalised dashboards tailored to each stakeholder, users can easily access relevant information and tools specific to their roles. Our solution also incorporates robust PDF reporting capabilities to address the data collection and analysis needs of the system. Through the portal, educational institutions can leverage data-driven insights to enhance the overall educational journey for the students.

Hear from some of our happy clients

Why clients choose us: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value -
Source: Google.com Reviews

Marc Malouf

Spring Digital walked me through every single step of the way, with care and professionalism, and now i have the same app I dreamt about, but only now it's in the real world earning income.

Phillpia Lowe
Trinity Grammar School

I've experienced first hand working with your team, the passion Spring Digital brings, especially to quality assurance and the User Experience. It's vital and one of the reasons I love working with you on projects.

Brent Jones
Sequoia Financial Group

Spring are able to deliver on their promise to keep our sites live and up to date. As we've grown they grown with us.

Steve Brossman
Business Owner

Within no time and very little stress it seemed to be finished for checking and final tweaks. Their checklists, systems and regular communications, including video updates left nothing to chance and I knew what was happening at all times.

Warren Bowden

We thank Spring Digital and their staff for their patience and understanding given our inexperience in this area of technology is forever grateful for their perseverance, guidance, and input.

Jennifer Dang
Australasian Grain Science Association (AGSA)

Thanks very much for always being so prompt & thorough with your solutions. All options you provide have always suited our organisation & members' needs. The Council feels we have been heard & truly understood.

Frequently Asked Questions

A portal or intranet solution is a digital command centre that consolidates information, tools, and services in one place. It functions as a personalised website tailored to your needs. By gathering data from various sources, a portal provides quick and easy access to relevant resources.

It offers several benefits for businesses or organisations. It saves time and effort by eliminating the need to search through multiple systems and files. It increases efficiency by streamlining access to important resources. It also boosts productivity by providing a centralised location for information and collaboration.

It can provide access to various types of information and resources. This includes quick links, important business forms, third-party systems, standard operating procedures, company-wide documents, files, and materials. Essentially, a portal consolidates and organises all the necessary resources within one platform.

Yes, they are customisable to meet the specific needs of your business or organisation. You can tailor the layout, features, and content to align with your workflows and requirements. This allows you to create a personalised and intuitive experience for your employees, partners, and clients.

It enhances efficiency and productivity by providing a centralised hub for accessing information and resources. It eliminates the need to search through various systems or file directories, saving valuable time. With everything in one place, employees can quickly find what they need, streamline their workflows, and focus on their core tasks.

Yes, it can integrate with other systems and tools used within your organisation. They can connect with existing software, databases, and applications to provide seamless access to data and functionality. Integration ensures a smooth workflow and allows users to leverage their preferred tools while utilising the portal as a central hub.

Absolutely! It provides collaboration features that allow colleagues, partners, and clients to interact and work together. Users can share documents, collaborate on projects, leave comments, and engage in discussions, all within the portal’s secure environment. This promotes teamwork, enhances communication, and simplifies collaboration.

It acts as a central communication hub, enabling users to exchange messages, share updates, and access important announcements. It streamlines workflows by providing a single platform where users can access resources, complete tasks, and collaborate with others. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and channels, reducing complexity and improving communication efficiency.

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