When it comes to Online Marketing, you have often heard the advice about building your List because your list is essentially your client base.  So, it is obvious that “The Money is in the List”.  It is very important that you build your List so that you have a growing number of people to market to because they have given you their permission to correspond with them often.

By maintaining regular contact with your Subscribers, they come to know who you are, to like you as a friend who connects with them regularly, and to trust the information and recommendations you provide.  This is in turn increases the possibility that they will be willing to purchase from you.

There are varying schools of thought when it comes to how often you should email your List.  Some suggest emailing once per day or at least five times per week. Others suggest you should email every other day, a total of three to four times a week.  Still, others suggest only emailing once or twice a week.  With all of these differing opinions, how do you decide what to do?

The correct answer really depends on your Niche as well as your on Target Market, and specifically on how often your own Subscribers want to hear from you based on their appetite for the content you provide to them.  You can gain this vital feedback by tracking your Open Rates and your Unsubscribe Rates by examining the statistics in your Autoresponder Control Panel.

Keeping track of these statistics will give you a good reading on whether you are emailing your list at the frequency rate that they prefer.  Emailing them too much will likely lead to low Open Rates because your subscribers will be ignoring your emails, and possibly to high Unsubscribe Rates because they tire of seeing your emails constantly in their inboxes.

Alternatively, if your subscribers hear from you only sporadically and infrequently, it will likely lead to low Clickthrough Rates because they either become disengaged with you or are not certain of who you are and what your relationship is to them.  Even if they remember who you are, they won’t develop the important ‘Know – Like –Trust’ feeling for you, and will not recognize your status as an Expert because you don’t stay in contact with them enough to make a favorable impression on them.  Thus, they’ll ignore your recommendations as well.

Figuring out how often you should email your List is vital to having success with email marketing.  By determining how often you should email your subscribers, you will have a better chance of making a strong connection with them and having them trust your recommendations when you promote products and services to them.