Python VS PHP

Gearing up for your next web app development? The first question that you need to answer is Python VS PHP: which language to choose? Both web development languages are great, but which one you should use is always up for debate.

The year 2020 will see a lot more in terms of web apps and so on. As app developers are using third-party libraries and scaffolding, this saves time and ensures clients get projects on time.

The use of libraries and APIs has made web app development easy, but the debate about Python VS PHP is still there.

Python VS PHP: which language you should opt for? The question is of the utmost importance for new developers and startups. The answer to this question is not as simple as both the languages are popular. They are used globally on the internet because of budgeting and other development issues.

Trouble faced by beginners while choosing between PHP and Python:

  • For developers who are just starting their custom php web development, deciding between the languages is difficult.
  • Beginners find it hard to choose between the web development languages as they have different requirements.
  • Also, they face two issues while dealing with any languages. One- they need to learn programming construct, and then learn how to implement them in the chosen language. Second- they require expertise in syntax which makes no sense to them.
  • These issues faced by new developers are due to the biased advice they get from Python and PHP developers. If you talk to a Python developer, they will list all the pros of the language and no cons. Same is the case with PHP developers they would insist that there is no better language.

So, how do you decide between the two languages? Well, to make things easy for you, we have listed four points in this blog for Python VS PHP comparison. After this, you will find it easy to decide between the two languages.

Before we move on to the three points, let’s look at some statistics regarding the use of both web development languages.

Points of comparison for Python VS PHP

1. Frameworks

A framework is a community that develops codes and maintains the compilation of code. It aids a developer in creating a web app quickly without making anything from scratch.

A framework gives numerous functions that developers can add as per their needs for adding functionality to the app.

Python frameworks are powerful and versatile but offer limited options. Python language offers a wide range of frameworks that basically performs the same function as for PHP.  There is a continuous increase in the number of Python frameworks due to increased usages of the language in projects. Flask and Django are popular frameworks used by developers globally.

PHP frameworks are also huge in numbers offering developers with the option of creating industry-specific apps. The popular PHP frameworks are Symfony and Laravel that are used by many popular apps which are used by millions of users.

2. CMS

A CMS is a software platform offering a versatile solution for app development projects. It offers a solution for blog, e-commerce and so on ensuring that developers can focus on the business case. The most popular CMS is WordPress that is built using PHP.  Other popular CMS are Magento and WooCommerce, popular for e-commerce site development. They too are built using PHP.

Python has a CMS platform Django that has limited use.

PHP is a clear winner here as it a better CMS platform that is used by many users.

3. Popularity

Both the web development languages are popular, but currently, PHP dominates 80% of the market. PHP is used by many popular websites that include Yahoo, Wikipedia, Tumblr and so on. Facebook too used PHP initially before switching to PHP framework.

Python is one of the great choices of backend programming. And PHP has been in the market for a while now and still used for backend purposes.

Python language too is quite popular especially since Google chose it for some of its famous projects.  Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Spotify are some platforms that use Python language.

In terms of popularity, both languages are giving stiff competition to each other. New projects are announced daily that uses the said languages.

4. Learning Curve

The learning curve in terms of programming languages means the fluency a developer has in the language’s syntax. It also implies the understanding the developer has for using tools to translate web design into functional code.

Python is the clear winner because it is easy for beginners to learn and understand. PHP is tough and has little room for mistakes thus making it not beginner-friendly.

Python has more room for mistakes, and the code doesn’t break due to small errors. It is exactly because of this reason that schools are teaching Python web language for the basics of programming.

PHP framework and experts are trying their best to make the language easy and more user-friendly.


Python VS PHP is a never-ending debate, but both languages offer many opportunities to developers for learning. With their ready to use syntax, tools, and functionalities both Python and PHP developers have a lot to work with.

So, we recommend that you try both languages. You should opt for the one that suits your project and is easy to use.  PHP is best suited for technical projects while Python is easy for new developers and startups.