The importance of good web design

The importance of good web design

Online marketing is really about enabling you to connect with people, rather crassly called ‘traffic’ within the electronic media community. Good website design is then, the key to encouraging more traffic to visit you, electronically speaking. Your website is therefore, the vehicle by which people will choose to either engage with you and your products or services or click the ‘back’ button and go to your competition.

You probably only have one shot at this so being the best can be the difference between business success and business failure. Statistics show that from a user typing a search phrase into a search engine and clicking a chosen result, the user only spends around 3 seconds deciding if the site is correct for their requirements. This means the site has to, within 3 seconds, demonstrate that it is relevant to the users requirements, have sufficient impact to engage them, offer them reason to stay, make it easy for them to advance to the their required area of interest, service or product and finally give them a good reason to buy/engage with you further.

Good web design is not simply important, it is critical for any modern business.

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