If you decided to sell your first offer for a low price you may also want to offer this a special offer in certain forums. Many forums will have a Special Offer section where you can list your product either for free or for a small cost.  If you target the right forum this can be a great way to expand your list quickly.

Upsells and one time offers are something that often deters new marketers. They are so happy to have made a sale that they feel pushy if they were to offer something else during the sales funnel.

Upsells happen in daily life all the time. When you purchase a new television or even a new radio the sales clerks ask if you need batteries or a TV stand or even a warranty. These are all forms of upsells asking you to part with more money.

There is nothing wrong with adding an upsell product to your sales funnel. The biggest mistake is offering the wrong thing! This means that you MUST offer a related product to your buyer. This should be a product that complements or enhances their first purchase and something that they can immediately put to good use.

There are several ways a marketer can offer an upsell, this is also known as a onetime offer.  You can place your offer on:

  • Your download page
  • Your thank you page
  • In your first email
  • If you are offering a membership then you can offer specials and/or a lifetime package

Your upsell offer doesn’t have to be your own product, it can easily be an affiliate product. You should try to position your upsell as a way of helping your customer find additional, relevant information. This way you come across as a caring marketer who has the best interests of their customers at heart.

Another way to add more value to your products is to offer them in an additional format. This even applies to your original free offer. You could offer an audio or video version of your product as your upsell for a few additional dollars.

If your original paid product is expensive and you worry that some people won’t purchase because of the price point you have another option. This is called a downsell. Simply offer them a similar product that still has value but is cheaper.

For example if the first product is a $47 e book with video you can offer it without the video for $27. If you are creating your own products packaging it this way is the ideal way to get more value out of your creation.  You are basically still selling the same information but at different price points with different formats. This might be something worth trying in your next campaign.