Software development life cycle is a very complicated process that requires use of sophisticated techniques from every sphere of knowledge from computer science to engineering and digital asset administration. It is highly useful for developing important application software for the company and a plethora of other useful utilities. SDLC is a very crucial process that enables a useful running of the data processing applications. There are two kinds of software that can be developed with the help of this procedure; application software and system software. The former software refers to all the simple software that assists in the proper execution of a company’s daily tasks. Examples of such software are spreadsheets and word editing software. The system software refers to the core operating software of an organization.

SDLC involves a large number of stages from system analysis to system design and maintenance to final system testing. A feasibility study is a very significant part of the system analysis where the developers can actually carry a probability study of the project, whether its development would be profitable for the organization or not. System analysis is a very important stage of this whole process because it identifies the most crucial needs of the organization upon which the whole structure of the system would be based. It means an understanding of all the tasks that the created software is supposed to perform, hence the data needed by it and the resultant output.

The main objective of the system analysis is to give you a clear-cut idea about what are the needs of software. For carrying out this stage, it becomes important to gather all the information about the current system and it’s designing. This way a developer can get to know what will be the technical specifications of the new system required for an easy execution of the operations.

Design is the next stage in the process where the developer is supposed to execute the process of creating a system according to its objectives. SDLC is an advanced and complex process that requires a sequence of processes, making use of information systems to yield software that are perfect for the organization. This process is largely used to build software, which can be used for processes like payroll, word processing, inventory control and production management.

Software development involves another stage of designing the programs and coding and decoding them. In a smaller project, it is very easy for the developers to write down the program. They just have to write down the codes and then test those codes and the software can be implemented. But, in larger projects it is not that simple. There has to be a certain amount of synchronization between the developers to see that they are able to generate similar kinds of codes. Testing is very important for any software to succeed because it means, checking out its quality. It involves bugging and debugging the program. Without an adequate amount of testing, software would not be free from any bugs and would be of inferior quality.

System maintenance is the last stage of the process where the developer has to make sure that they are able to provide the company with regular support and updation of the software as and when required.