Traffic is the people who visit your website to learn more about you, your business, your products, or your service. It is the life blood of any website. Getting the right traffic to your site is vital for you to get new customers and make more sales.

On the internet, content is one of the main things that can drive traffic to your website. In many cases, it’s the content on social media that can attract and send the right kind of traffic to your site. So the question becomes: what kind of content drives traffic from social media?

Entertaining Content

People love entertaining their friends. That’s why joke books have been great sellers for years. It’s why jokes are some of the most shared and emailed content. And it’s why class clowns always seem so popular.

On social media, the best entertainment comes from video. Have you seen those funny cat videos that make the rounds? How about those hilarious Superbowl commercials that go viral overnight? If your content is funny… genuinely funny… people will share it.

This isn’t to say that only video should be used on social media. Images, jokes, short stories all have a place as appropriate content that is shared by your followers and friends. And, when the content being shared includes a link to your website to learn more, as an invitation to be a part of a community, or simply as a call to purchase the item that the content refers to, it becomes a vital part of your traffic generating plan.

Unique Content

Unique content is a rarity these days. The internet is absolutely packed with content of all types, so creating something truly unique is a challenge in and of itself.

Of course, if you can pull it off, unique content will be something that will go viral very rapidly, especially if it’s powerful and compelling in some way. Useful? Funny? Emotional? Just be as unique as possible, and you’ll increase your share-worthy factor.

Remember, people love to be the first of their friends to share something new and exciting. So the newer and more unique it is, the faster it will spread.

Now, what can you create in terms of content that is unique? Go back to what your business is about, why you started the business, what makes you or your business or your product or your service a bit different than someone else’s. Is it the color? Is it the way it’s used? It is the type of packaging? Is it the type of delivery? It’s this difference that you can focus on, and that is what can make your content unique.