The main point to remember is to give your subscriber something of value. This has to be the information that they are looking for. They are looking for a solution to their problem and you hold the answer!

To do this effectively you want to give away a valuable piece of information. You want to keep your freebie short and to the point. Plus you must let your subscriber know that you have even more detailed information available. This is where you will send them to your sales offer.

The recommended method of offering a freebie is to show your visitor what they need to do in your gift. But you do not show them how to do it!

What many marketers do is to give their subscriber one complete solution and then provide them with the sales link so that they can purchase the remaining information. So basically you are providing them with a teaser.

So far in the sales funnel you will have created the following steps:

  • Squeeze page to capture the lead
  • Emailed your freebie to them
  • They now understand more of what they need to do
  • You provide them with a sales link

So right now you may be stuck on what to offer as your freebie. Your choices include things like a report, a good newsletter, or a video telling them what they need to do. Or you can offer a short e course via video or text.

Some marketers like to offer a report or an e-course for $1 with the thinking that if you have to pay something you instantly feel as though you are getting more value for it. How many times have you been to a restaurant and spend 25 cents or more to get extra sauce or a larger sized drink?

To know if you should or shouldn’t offer your first product for a small fee you must look at your target market. If you are targeting customers who are younger they may not be prepared to spend money on something straight away.

The other consideration to take into account is actually yourself. How are you positioning yourself to your customers? Are you coming across as a watch me as I learn type of marketer? Or are you positioning yourself as an expert? If the latter then you can put a price tag on what you have to offer as your reputation will back you up.

Once you have created your free or low paying offer it is then time to go to the next step of the sales funnel. Deciding about offering special offers, up sells and/or one time offers.