An integrated digital machine comprises of both the software and the hardware. The software is programming of codes that make the logic functions of the machine. It is what we can call, the “brain” of a machine. A program is the building block of any software. With the array of machines hitting the global market, it has to be the programming that makes a machine stand out. In the trade off between hardware and software, it is the latter which in the long run holds premium importance. The basic question which arises is about the course of the journey of a software while developing a product.

A software mainly has two stages in its development, the engineering part and the development part. Though they are similar in many ways, there is one basic difference between Software Engineering and Software Development. The term development in context with software signifies developing a simple software with the basic principles. Whereas software engineering augments that basic software with multiple functions. A software developer develops the basic framework of the software whereas an engineer puts the architecture, design and framework together with his expertise to develop the end product. In other words, a software engineer works to develop an error free, multi faceted software with diversity in its application.

Hence it is well understood that software development is the backbone of a software i.e. understanding the demands of a software and developing the basic solution. Software engineering deals with providing the basic software with user friendly functions and interfaces so that the end product is user friendly and can solve customer related problems with ease. Any software might be equipped with useful tools, good search engines, good graphics etc. but if the purpose of developing the software is lost, that software development is not a success. End users or companies will not use such a software. Similarly if well developed software lacks implementation of modules and functions and the final output is clumsy and dull, users will not find the software appealing. Both are equally important and form the core of any software.

Today every single household appliance has software incorporated in it. Be it integrated chips in microwaves, washing machines or automatic dish washers, a product sells only because it has additional and advanced features. With such little time for oneself, everyone is forced to depend on machines as far as possible. And one always looks for a better and more advanced product for added convenience. Hence for one machine to gain advantage over another, it has to be well equipped with more features and easy accessibility through software engineering. But to do that the basic idea for the development of the software should be realized and clearly laid down and software engineering comes into play once the essential framework has been built to complete a product in all respects. Both form the base of the software and cannot be compromised in order to achieve the desired end result.