Software development these days is one of the most critical processes of technology especially when the whole world seems to depend on it. The most common lapse found in the technological processes that any company follows is the tendency to overlook the importance of debugging and this often leads to unfavourable outcomes and invariably results in the ruining of the software which might have cost hundreds or millions of dollars. For e.g. a simple bug could create havoc in some of the important developmental software of strategic security organizations. Not a pleasant thought, is it?

These slip-ups can occur from both the sides; from the side of the organization in programming and the code sourcing when the programmers are developing the necessary codes. It can turn out to be an expensive proposition if a software developing company commits such kind of errors and according to a report published by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, such errors approximately costs the US economy a staggering $59.5 billion yearly. Almost, 1/3 of these expenses can be completely avoided if an infrastructure is set up to avoid the development of such errors after proper identification in the programming process itself.

How this can be achieved is through discovering the error during the execution of the program itself and communicating it to the proper department in the software developing company. If the error goes unnoticed now, then in the later stages of system integration, it would be quite expensive to repair it. The company which is developing the software can examine that portion of the code responsible for the error and allocate the fault removal to a particular developer. These developers can make sure that they are not letting other problems enter into the code while fixing it.

Developers make mistakes because of a number of reasons. Ignorance, stress and boredom with the repetitive work are some of them. A developer has no understanding of the codes that might have been written by someone else. Some may not even be aware of today’s systems and their tough codes. Today’s software systems actually possess an umpteen number of codes. When the developers are supposed to fix up different pieces of code for software development, all they make use of is the knowledge of codes that they have to begin with. They work without the complete knowledge of the proper codes and without any clear information about the interactions between different systems of codes and so any piece of software written by them is likely to develop errors.

In today’s stressful and competitive world, when the process of software development has become so fast, developers are required to meet deadlines by managers. Due to such time limitations and consequent pressures, often there is hasty coding. Most of the time, mistakes are found in those codes that have not been tested due to lack of time. These mistakes are caused due to the speedy execution of the development procedure when the developers are just supposed to rush through the coding data. In the end, monotony of the programming task is also a simple reason why developing errors are becoming such a common phenomena.