In order to be successful at Email Marketing, you have to get people to choose to be your list via an Opt-In Form on your Website, Blog, and/or elsewhere.  Once you have them on your list, you begin to develop a relationship with them by maintaining regular contact and showing them your worth through the quality of the material you provide to them.

In order to build a relationship with your Subscribers, you must email them regularly.  There is a proven and logical sequence to the way in which the interaction should occur for it to be effective.  In the early stages, you must provide valuable information free of charge to build your reputation as an expert in your field.  Your generosity in providing this content without requesting payment will start to create good will and build your reputation with the members of your list.  You will be seen as someone who can actually help them out, and they will start to look forward to additional contact with you.

Initially, when a person signs up to be on your list, there are several specific interactions that should occur in this early phase.  During the opt-in activity, they have provided some important information.  At minimum, they have given you their name and email address, and depending on what you’ve asked for, they may also have provided additional important information.  Obviously, you will want to capture this data and store it in an organized manner, perhaps sorting it into some kind of categories that are relevant to the needs of your business.

Next, if you require them to confirm their subscription, you will need to send them an email requesting that they do so.  Upon receipt of this confirmation, your next email will welcome them and tell them what they can expect by remaining subscribed to your list.  If you were to have several people signing up to your list all at once, you would have to send out numerous emails repeatedly just in order to meet the requirements of this welcoming phase of the interactions.  If this was to be done manually, it would be very time-consuming.  Instead, with a quality Autoresponder, you can set up these emails ahead of time, and then have the Autoresponder send them out in the right sequence and at the chosen time intervals whenever a new person subscribes to your list.

Similarly, if you have promised the subscriber a free 7-part report,  with each installment delivered separately for example, in return for opting-in to your list, the Autoresponder can be set up to deliver each part with the appropriate time intervals.  As each new subscriber joins your list, the Autoresponder will automatically know where they are in the schedule of delivery and send them the next email in the sequence.  Then, when you transition the subscriber to your email list within the Autoresponder, you can be sure that they will also receive your correspondence when you send out broadcast emails regularly.

As you build your list of targeted prospects and communicate with them consistently, they will become increasingly responsive to the offers you present in your emails, whether they are for your own products/services, or for affiliate products/services.  As your List grows, you see how complicated it can be to connect with all the Subscribers. An Autoresponder is virtually essential to maintaining order and retaining your sanity in sending out the right emails at the right times, while also storing the person’s important contact information and preferences and purchase history. It is virtually impossible to build a responsive list without one.